A summary of how one camp day was spent during last weeks Spring Break Camp!

Once again our morning started off with free play that was spent drawing at the table, playing with Legos, blocks and board games.

We came together at the end of free play to properly kick off the rainy day…playing board games together. They all voted on chutes & ladders even and all did very well at taking turns, practicing patience and following multi-step directions. A little while later we gathered at the table to eat snack. After snack they continued with a game of Uno Stack all together!

Soon it was time to mix things up and get their bodies moving with a couple rounds of musical cones (just like musical chairs). The group had a great time listening to music and playing this game. Most everyone struggled at times with navigating around the cones and keeping focus on where they were walking or staying on task though it was not too hard to redirect them back into being able to enjoy the activity with everyone else. Having worked up a healthy appetite we paused to eat our lunches picnic style. After lunch we wound down a little. The kids picked out something to do independently for 15mins and needed to stick with that choice the entire time. This was a little challenging for some of our friends and took some guidance from staff to help them come up with a plan on how to use the time.

Next.. time for taking turns in the “bounce house-ball pit”! Needless to say, everyone enjoyed this and continued to enjoy it periodically for the rest of the day! Ms. Melissa planned the next craft/sensory activity “Ooblek” which is a mixture of cornstarch and water. The mixture becomes a liquid when stirred around and a solid when left sitting. They sat around the table and with their fingers,hands or popsicle stick manipulated the “Ooblek”. The kids had great success with this activity even with one or two being a little hesitant about the mixtures texture. We ended the day with another break for snack and free play!