Check out what our “younger” Camp Friendship campers have been up to!

Skills Utilized
  • listening skills
  • following directions
  • walking in line
  • respecting boundaries, authority/rules
  • age appropriate behavior
  • hands to self
  • voice volume
  • communication skills using our words
  • asking questions & giving answers
  • taking initiative, expressing “needs” and/or “wants”
  • multi-sensory actions
  • competition through games
  • observation and memory
  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • problem solving, and decision making skills
  • sharing, group participation, taking turns
  • physical movement, body awareness
Here’s a brief summary of all the fun we had at camp today!
Today was a very busy day for the kids. We started off the day on the playground. They all did a great job compromising on games to play together. Also on the playground they participated in an obstacle course. They all did a great job waiting patiently while taking turns and cheering for each other. After the playground we went inside and had two activity stations. One of the stations was playing hangman and the other station was making rainbow loom bracelets. All the kids did a great job in participating at each station. After stations it was time for lunch. Another peer brought some family pictures that they got to share with the group. They all did a great job looking at the pictures and passing them to share to one another. I plan to continue this part of lunch for the next week because the kids seem to enjoy it so much. After lunch we went to the big field. At the big field the kids played Mr. Wolf, Blob tag and bowling. Since they did so well outside playing with their peers, they were given homemade strawberry and apple juice Popsicle. After going to the big field we came back inside for craft. We had two crafts that the kids got to complete today. One craft was painting popcorn with food coloring and stringing it onto a pipe cleaner. The other craft consisted of using blow pens and stencils to create a picture. At the end of the day, we played a couple rounds of down by the banks and had some time for free play.

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