“My son goes to Kate McClain’s groups in Falls Church and they are great. He is 6 and has ADHD. He did their summer camp this year and goes to Saturday morning social skills groups. They do a great job of working with him and they also provide feedback on how he did each time. The staff are very professional and flexible and understanding. I highly recommend them.” -an anonymous post from a parent on DC Urban Moms, 2016

“Socially, E is just growing every day! Yesterday, she engaged in a long, spontaneous conversation with our neighbor…who really enjoyed it! She offered (without being prompted) to get a visiting family member a glass of water when we came home from visiting. There are many more examples…”  –an email from a parent, June 2016

“Thank you Kate!! These updates are so wonderful and give me a really good idea of what is going on in group – I really appreciate them! They are much more than I expected, but I enjoy hearing about the detail and they give me lots of good ideas of things to do with (my daughter) to help her with her social skills, frustration and flexibility.”an email from a parent about our progress notes, November 2015

“My daughter has attended social skills groups with Kate McClain Social Skills since February 2012, as well as their week-long spring break and summer camps. We have been very impressed with the format, the activities, and the staff. Often people don’t understand or know how to deal with children who are a little “different” or not natural social butterflies, and often our daughter finds it difficult to fit in with mainstream groups and camps. All of the staff are highly trained, skilled and seem to understand our daughter, her unique needs and interests, and consistently and creatively work with her to develop social skills, identify coping skills, and positively express herself. She feels comfortable and always enjoys herself during groups and especially liked the spring break and summer camps. The staff are very approachable and provide feedback after every session. Our daughter has made some nice friends and the skills and self esteem she developed in groups have carried over to school and community settings. We’ve highly recommended Kate McClain to our school and to friends.” —from a parent, 2014

He TOTALLY ROCKED IT. Walked in and four boys from school ran up to A to say hi and he was off.  Birthday boy yelped with glee upon seeing him.  He participated with the group, stayed on topic in conversation and joined in the conversation.  Followed suggestions of other boys (hey let’s do this….) and offered suggestions (let’s check out the arcade).  We went in the arena and he took off with some of the boys from the party.  Out of about a 10 minute “adventure” he checked in twice w/ me.  Once he was having trouble with his gun (but two other boys came over to me for help also!) and once to let me know how the mission was going.  Then we had pizza and snacks.  Went back in for another adventure.  I went with him again but probably wasn’t necessary – he did fine – just would zoom by me on occasion with updates.  He didn’t understand some of the more complex elements but he did understand he was on the green team and he had to get the guys on the blue team. Didn’t really understand the idea of evasive maneuvers either but neither did a lot of the kids.  As opposed to trying to hide from or dodge their opponents they would just stand there and zap each other.  But he had a great time.  Participated fully in all activities, no meltdowns…just did great!  After the second round we had cake then did some arcade games.  Then when it was time to go…A thanked W’s mom and we left.  I was enormously proud of him and honestly a bit stunned! There is NO way he EVER could have done this without what he has learned from social group.  Once again I have to say thank you to you all.” — From a parent, about a laser tag birthday party her son had been invited to: “We had decided not to go because we thought it would be too much for him, but he really wanted to go so we decided to give it a try.– 2015

“Hi Kate, Thanks for all you did for E over many years. He’s in a good place thanks to your work!”— From a parent whose son headed off to college in the fall of 2015, he was in our groups for 7 years

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