Parent Coaching

Parents often ask what they can do to help their children improve social skills at home and in the community. Bringing children into a weekly social skills group is the first step; the next is for parents to reinforce those skills with their children throughout the week. You know what that means: modeling and practicing.

We know that’s not easy, so we’ve added monthly parent coaching as part of our program. You receive a suggestion for “at home this week” as part of the your child’s weekly progress note. This group will show you how to put those suggestions into practice, and how to speed up the absorption of social skills, without disrupting what’s already going well at home.  This group will help organize and streamline the processes for building social skills at home. Because there’s so much more than can be done on a daily basis to help kids improve social skills, but that only works if you have the proper support system in place – for the whole family.

We’ll also provide a safe space for venting (my kid said what?!?!) and you can get advice from parents and professionals who are on your side. Parent support groups meet once per month, at the same time as your child’s social group. Topics are tailored to your child’s age.

  • Facilitation by a skilled professional
  • Clear instruction, demonstration, & practice of the skills your child is working on in group
  • Confidential group discussion of challenges your child faces at home and at school
  • coffee, tea, & light refreshments provided for your enjoyment!

Parent support groups meet once per month and are priced affordably at $40 per family.
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Parent Groups are currently on hiatus, but Kate McClain offers individual parent coaching sessions over the phone for $120 per hour. You can contact Kate at [email protected]