Transition to Adulthood

For the past decade, we have offered social skills groups for children age 4-18. We are pleased to announce that in 2017 we are launching our Transition to Adulthood programs with internships for teens age 13-18, and entrepreneurship for young adults!

These programs are for individuals who experience social skills challenges. Some have diagnoses of autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, or sensory processing differences, while others do not have a diagnosis but are in need of mentoring and guidance. This is a comprehensive support program that spans the entire transition from childhood to adulthood.

Gaining experience in the workplace should ideally be accomplished gradually over time. From age 13-17, the goal of internships/employment is to practice social skills at work and learn how to be successful in the workplace. From age 18-30 (depending upon the post-secondary educational path chosen), we help young adults who have completed the high school program secure internships and employment in their chosen area of study/vocational focus. Finally, upon completion of college or vocational training programs, we provide support in finding, securing, and succeeding at work.

Teens and young adults will:

  • work with our mentors to find their passions and develop these into marketable skills that translate to the workplace
  • learn about personality types to understand themselves, peers, and co-workers better and improve communication skills
  • receive direct instruction in & practice work-related social skills in a small group setting
  • master independence skills including using time management, using transportation, cooking, self-care, budgeting, and self-advocacy
  • individualized assistance through the entire job search process, including writing resumes and cover letters & honing interview skills using video modeling and post-interview coaching
  • introduction to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and the possibilities it can hold for adults with social skills challenges
  • guaranteed employment placement upon completion of college or vocational training programs