Entrepreneurs (Young Adults)

*Launching in Fall 2017! Accepting applications now*

The workplace has become unstable, unforgiving, and very competitive.

What’s the solution? Use entrepreneurship as a safety net.

Today’s workforce is full of self-directed, self-learning people who are able to earn a steady income by adjusting to unsteady circumstances. And the truth is that even if you don’t want to own your own business, you’ll never be unemployed if you know how to start your own business. Additionally. the learning curve for an entrepreneur is so steep that once someone has launched their own business, their skill set stands out in a pile of resumes of people with more years of experience.

Good entry level jobs have hundreds of applicants.

We get your resume to the top of the pile.

The goal of this program is help you become valuable in the workforce so you are performing at a high level and being compensated commensurately. We start by giving you the confidence you need to start a company. As you run the company, you develop the skills you need to get a job. And by the end of our program, you have the self-knowledge to understand where you fit best, and we set you on that career path to success.

Our guarantee: Each program participant will launch a company.

And each participant will leave with a job.

Maybe you’ll work for yourself. Certainly you’ll get along well with the boss that way! Or maybe you’ll get a job at the company you’ve admired since you were a kid. Maybe you’ll do a job you didn’t even know existed before you started the program. That wouldn’t be surprising because school doesn’t teach you about work. So you’re learning it all now, with us, and you won’t believe how much opportunity there is for someone like you.


Phase 1: Entrepreneur Readiness Assessment

  • Analysis of your skills and strengths that you’ve built over time.
  • Outline of your personal preferences for learning, working, and interacting with people.
  • Career plan that tells you if the entrepreneurial path is right for you, or if some other path might be a better fit.

With our guidance and support, you will:

  • Decide on a business idea & create a plan
  • Determine the legal structure & register the business name
  • Register for state and local taxes & obtain any necessary permits
  • Develop your web site and marketing materials
  • Speak to multiple groups to get comfortable answering questions about your company
  • Write a detailed financial plan & meet goals
  • Assess what works & figure out what could work better
  • Shift business to more effectively meet goals

A sample day will look something like this:

  • 9 am: arrival/review goals for the day with mentor and team
  • 9:30: work toward individual company goals with mentor support
  • 10:45: break, check in with team
  • 11: continue working with mentor support
  • 12:30: lunch (on or off campus)
  • 1:30-2:30: EQ training (more info on this below)
  • 2:30-4:30: continue working with mentor support
  • 4:30 wrap up for the day; review accomplishments and set goals for the next day

EQ Training: various topics will be covered including:

  • working well as part of a team of co-workers
  • small talk at work
  • building a great resume
  • interviewing for success
  • handling conflicts at work
  • when the work environment doesn’t work for you
  • self-advocacy
  • romance and dating in the workplace
  • and more!

Feedback: We will monitor goals daily and provide reports to parents weekly, as requested. The first four months will focus on building the company, the remaining four months will look toward the future and help identify next steps (i.e. continuing with the company or initiating a job search). If employment is desired, we will provide support throughout the entire job search and interview process until employment is achieved.

Program benefits:

  • the company will leverage each young adult’s unique skill set
  • founding a company is looked upon favorably by future employers
  • all participants will leave with the soft skills they need for success

We guarantee you will be able to get a different job, should you choose to do so, after completion of this 8-month program.

Complete our application to get started!

Not sure if this program is right for you? Contact us to set up a free phone consult before completing the application.
Entrepreneur Readiness Evaluation: $500 (assessments take 2-3 hours to complete, plus a meeting to go over results)
Tuition: $4800/month for 8 months (160 program days total), to be paid monthly with a credit card on file
*those whose parents have requested a customized program, or who as a result of staff assessment and observation require a 1 to 1 mentor will be charged an additional $500/week.
Insurance Reimbursement: The Entrepreneur program can be billed as group therapy since teens will have treatment plans and goals which will be overseen by our LCSW. Ask your insurance carrier if they reimburse for out of network procedure code 90853 provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.