Bridge Year (young adults)

*Launching September 2017! Accepting applications now*

Sometimes, newly minted adults need a helping hand to transition successfully into adult life. Whether it’s because applying to college while completing advanced high school coursework is overwhelming, wanting to discern a career path before starting postsecondary education, or getting into college and realizing it’s not the right time – whatever the reasons, we are here to offer that support.  We specialize in helping bright, talented, and capable young adults learn the social skills, life skills, and workplace skills they need to succeed in their future educational and vocational endeavors. 

How does it work?
The program has 3 main goals: social skills, independent living skills, and on-the-job skills. When a family applies, we review the application and call the parent to ascertain whether the program might be a good fit. Then, we have an intake meeting where we do a personality, interest, and ability inventory. We take into account the young adult’s career, academic, and extracurricular interests, as well as their current level of executive functioning and independent living skills. Then, we begin looking for internships. We communicate with each family about internship possibilities and work tirelessly until the perfect internship match is achieved. In addition to their internships, participants will be given a variety of experiences, such as career talks with professions in the fields they are interested in, tours of companies where they might like to work, etc.

All participants who display a willingness to work and a positive attitude will be accepted. Interns will be accompanied to the internship by a Mentor, who will shadow the interns and provide constructive feedback throughout the entire process. As participants advance in their skills and independence, mentors will provide less direct supervision until mastery is achieved.

At the beginning of the program, the schedule will look something like this:

  • 10:30-12 workplace skills/ EQ training
  • 12-12:45 lunch
  • 12:45-1 travel to internship
  • 1-4:00 internship
  • 4-4:30 wrap up with Mentor and interns; plan for the following day

EQ Training: various topics will be covered including:

  • working well as part of a team of co-workers
  • small talk at work
  • building a great resume
  • interviewing for success
  • handling conflicts at work
  • how to find a work environment that works for you
  • self-advocacy
  • romance and dating in the workplace
  • and more!

Feedback: We will monitor goals daily and provide reports to parents weekly, as requested. We work with each family to create goals tailored to the young adult’s goals, needs, and interests.

Program benefits:

  • we find work opportunities that leverage each young adult’s unique skill set
  • the program is an excellent resume-builder
  • all participants will leave with the skills they need for success in college and the workplace

Complete our application to get started!

Not sure if this program is right for you? Contact our practice manager to set up a free phone consult before completing the application.
Intake: $175 Includes an interview with the teen and parent(s), personality/interest/ability assessment, and follow up
Internship Matching: $500 We will work tirelessly until we find the perfect internship(s) for each participant! This includes all communication between your family, KMSS, and potential internship sites, including a meet and greet with your young adult at the internship site(s).
Tuition: $4800/month for 8 months (a total of 160 program days), to be paid monthly with a credit card on file
*those whose parents have requested a customized program, or who as a result of staff assessment and observation require a 1 to 1 mentor will be charged an additional $500/week.
Insurance Reimbursement: This program can be billed as group therapy since young adults will have treatment plans and goals which will be overseen by our LCSW-C. Ask your insurance carrier if they reimburse for out of network procedure code 90853 provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.