Mentored Internships (age 13-18)

*We are currently accepting applications for summer 2017*

The best kept secret of the work world? Internships.
Eighty-five percent of successful employees had internships before they found their true calling. The best way to ensure your child can get a job after college is to make sure he or she is way more qualified than everyone else. The way to do that is to start gathering work experience early, so when most kids are applying for their first, entry-level job, you kid has a resume, solid workplace references, and a track record for success in a multitude of jobs.

The earlier you start on this path, the more certain your child’s success will be. That’s why we help teens get started in 8th grade and high school. We have partnered with a special group of business owners who were themselves the beneficiaries of community support when they were learning the ropes of the work word, and they want to pay it forward. Our close relationship with these businesses creates a real-world experience for high schoolers while still creating the type of safety net teens need during their first forays into the real world.

The top cause for unemployment in one’s 20s is poor social skills. 
If you’re reading this you’ve already got your child firmly on the path to a college education. So the next goal you’re looking at is a job. And the biggest  roadblock to meeting that goal is social skills. Even for the brightest 10% of graduates, the number-one reason they don’t get jobs after college is poor social skills. The job interview is a social skills test, and just like you prepare for placement tests, and SATs, you need to prepare for the interview. A job interview is a discussion about workplace experience and previous success.

We help your teen gather those workplace wins, identify them, and then learn to talk about them. Additionally, we are right there with your teen, each day on the job, learning to decipher the unwritten rule book of the workplace so the transition from the school world to the work world is as smooth as possible. You can’t run your kid’s life, but you can clear the runway for your kid to fly. And we’re here to do that with you.

An internship is no longer an optional benefit, but an essential stepping stone for collegiate and career success.

How do I find an internship?
Internship demand exceeds supply, so competition for the few internships out there can be fierce. The best source is, of course, your network. But in most cases, people have not been great at networking before they need an internship. Building a network takes tons of time and superb social networking skills that high schoolers are still working on developing.

Luckily, we will do the legwork for you by matching teens with internships based on personality type, interests, and goals.

How does it work?
The program has 3 main goals: social skills, independent living skills, and on-the-job skills. When a family applies, we review the application and call the parent to ascertain whether the program might be a good fit. Then, we have an intake meeting where we do a personality, interest, and ability inventory. We take into account the teen’s career, academic, and extracurricular interests, as well as their current level of executive functioning and independent living skills. Then, we begin looking for internships. We communicate with each family about internship possibilities and work tirelessly until the perfect internship match is achieved. All participants who display a willingness to work and a positive attitude will be accepted until the program is full. Interns will be accompanied to the internship by a Mentor, who will shadow the interns and provide constructive feedback throughout the entire process.

Interns for this summer 2017 will be working at a local comic book store, a photo lab, a pet supply store, a theater, and a cafe. We have arranged special tours & talks at National Geographic and the US Botanic Garden, and will be visiting a vet clinic and other workplaces of interest to the participants.

What makes our program unique?
We combine a team of experts in career coaching, adolescent psychology, and social skills training to provide the best all-around experience for teenagers. We specialize in teaching the “soft skills” which are essential for today’s workplace, including:

  • steps for a winning interview
  • increase your likability factor for workplace success
  • conflict resolution with supervisors and coworkers
  • reading social cues and body language during staff meetings
  • “small talk” how-to with coworkers
  • networking for current and future success


Mondays – Thursdays*

  • 10:30-12 workplace skills training
  • 12-12:45 lunch
  • 12:45-1 travel to internship
  • 1-4:00 internship
  • 4-4:30 wrap up with Mentor and interns; plan for the following day
  • *we will also visit workplaces in addition to the internship sites (chosen based on the participants’ future career goals) and have weekly visits by professionals in various fields come to the office to talk about the work they do

Fridays will be spent widening teens’ horizons by touring prestigious workplaces such as the US Botanic Garden and National Geographic. We will also review skills acquired that week, and go on group outings such as bowling or visiting a local restaurant.

Enrollment process:

  1. Complete the application. Our team will review it and contact you within 24 hours to discuss eligibility (Participants must be 13 to 17 years old and show emotional and behavioral stability).
  2. Once eligibility has been confirmed, we will set up an intake meeting. This includes a personality type assessment, an inventory of interests and abilities that will be used to help determine the best type of internship, and an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) assessment.
  3. If all parties determine the program to be a good fit, we will proceed with an internship placement. If not, we can recommend alternative possibilities in a follow-up meeting.
  4. Once accepted, teens will be matched with a mentor and be given additional program details and resources.


Intake: $175 Includes an interview with the teen and parent(s), personality/interest/ability assessment, and follow up
Internship Matching: $500 We will work tirelessly until we find the perfect internship for each participant! This includes all communication between your family, KMSS, and potential internship sites, including a meet and greet with your teen at the internship site in May or June.
Internship Training Program: $720 We will prepare all participants for their upcoming internships through social skills activities and outings specific to workplace skills
4-week Internship Intensive: $3600 Includes the following every day: 2.5 hours of workplace skills training, lunch prepared by staff and participants together in our Career Center kitchen, transportation costs to and from internship site, supervision at internship site with 2-3 other teens, and Friday fun activities and outings (bowling, museum admissions, movie tickets, etc).
*Some teens may require an individual mentor due to a specialized internship placement. The cost for a 1 to 1 mentor is an additional $400/week.
Insurance Reimbursement: The internship program can be billed as group therapy since teens will have treatment plans and goals which will be overseen by our LCSW-C. Ask your insurance carrier if they reimburse for out of network procedure code 90853 provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Get started on your high schooler’s path to success by applying here!

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